Donoussa Island

Small Cyclades, Greece

The island

In the middle of the sea, where the Aegean meets the Icarian Sea, lies Donoussa. A 14 sq. km. island with superb beaches, whitewashed houses and unspoilt beauty.


The prime settlement of the island is called Stavros. This is where the port is located. All public services, shops and most accommodation facilities can be found here. In the village itself, you will find many restaurants and cafe-bars, covering all the needs of the visitors. The beautiful golden beach of Stavros, with its incredible turquoise water, is also here.


A beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear water. Just one kilometre from the village of Stavros. At the bottom of the sea, just a few metres from the beach, you can visit the remains of the wreckage of a German destroyer that sank during World War II. There is on location a beach-bar that is open all day.


Mountainous village 4km. from the harbor. It is only inhabited during the summer months.


A pebble beach with rocks and clear waters. On the steep slopes of the cove, visitors can see the ruins of an ancient settlement of the Geometric period as well as an old windmill.


Mersini is a small mountainous village, 6km. from the harbour. Visitors, should not miss a visit to the village and the spring, with its running water, beneath the centenarian plane trees. The whole landscape offers visitors a small oasis of relaxation and freshness. There are two traditional taverns in the village for all refreshments.


Following the path from Mersini, visitors can reach the wonderful, secluded beaches of Livadi and Fikio within 20 minutes. The beaches are also accessible by boat that runs regularly.


Sea cave beneath the steep cliffs of the Cape of Moschona. This is an old hideout and refuge of pirates, it took its name from the seals that lived there in the past. Well worth your time spent on a visit here, dive into the turquoise waters and admire the wonderful seabed. It is accessible only by boat, so plan your visit.


Seaside village located 12km. from the port. There are four beaches, Vlycho, Sapounohoma, Mesa Ammos or Trypyti and Stefanokavos (accessible only from the sea). In the village there is a tavern which is open all day.


Situated on the north side of the island and the wildest. It streches from the Lighthouse (beacon) of Kalotaritissa until Aspros Kavos. Along the coastline, there are three beaches and an imposing cave called “Spilia tou Tihou’. It is only accessible from the sea and in good weather conditions.


A small natural cove with a beach. In the past, it was used by the locals to anchor their boats in bad weather conditions.


An area with flat formations of rocks along the coastline and a small pebble beach, just 700m. from the port.

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